COAM License Application Process

To simplify the instructions for you for the Georgia COAM Location License Application Process:
  1. Set-up account and apply for Class A and B Location License at
  2. Select “Register” and Fill out information to create account
  3. Once you have created account, check your email for “COAM License User Activation” and click link to activate account and enter confirmation code.
  4. Sign in to account to apply for new or to renew a previous license following the prompts
    • $25 per Class A games per year
    • $125 per Class B machine per year
    • All fields must be completed or the application will not be accepted
    • You will need a copy of front and back of driver’s license to download as attachment
    • You will also need your State Taxpayer ID & Federal Employer ID (FEIN) & alcohol or GA Lottery retailer number accessible if applicable to your business
  1. Open a separate bank account for your Georgia Lottery Corporation transactions, “In Trust for The Georgia Lottery Corporation”.
  2. Example: XYZ, Inc.

    D/B/A RCA Food Mart

    In Trust for the Georgia Lottery Corporation

In Trust for the Georgia Lottery Corporation

  1. Submit an Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Form by fax to .
  2. Receive Approval/License from GA Lottery Corporation
  3. Schedule an installation date with Legacy Amusement

Become Class B Games License Holder

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